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Kalamazoo College Women's Cross Country Award Winners

2008  Allison Iott (10th)

2015  Lauren Arquette (10th)
2008  Allison Iott (2nd)
2008  Jillian McLaughlin (9th)
2007  Jillian McLaughlin (33rd)
2006  Allison Iott (33rd)
2003  Gina Lutz (16th)
2003  Michelle Harburg (24th)
2001  Michelle Harburg (17th)
2001  Lauren Puretz (21st)
2001  Gina Lutz (25th)
2000  Michelle Harburg (34th)
1998  Laura Edwardson (25th)
1997  Christine Stehman (21st)
1996  Molly Mechtenberg (22nd)
1996  Shelby Stuntz (23rd)
1995  Laura Edwardson (6th)
1995  Christa Paisely (25th)
1995  Christine Stehman (35th)

Currently the top 35 at each regional site earn All-Region honors. It is unknown if that standard has changed over time and when those honors were first awarded.