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Women's Lacrosse Seniors Honor Most Valuable Professors

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The four Kalamazoo College seniors on the women's lacrosse team have selected their Most Valuable Professors to recognize this season.

The Hornets selected Professor Amy Smith, Dr. Katerina Stefatos, Dr. Sara Tanis, and Professor Tom Rice as their MVPs.

Marianna Olson selected Professor Amy Smith from the English department because she goes above and beyond for her classes. Marianna claims she is a professor who genuinely cares for every student's well-being and academic success. She appreciates that Professor Smith took the time to look over her graduate school applications and was very encouraging and motivating throughout the process.

Dr. Katerina Stefatos is being recognized again by Rosella LoChirco, who also selected Dr. Stefatos during her fall soccer season. Rosella claims that Dr. Stefatos has been an amazing source of guidance and support throughout her time at K. She is grateful that Dr. Stefatos has helped her grow and develop, encouraging her to tackle any challenges she faced.

Dr. Sara Tanis is also being recognized again by Maddie Odom, who selected Dr. Tanis during the fall soccer season. Maddie appreciates Dr. Tanis for taking the time to get to know her students, for making class interesting and relevant, and for her contagious passion for learning about ecology and conservation. She is grateful that she can always count on Dr. Tanis for help with anything.

Georgie Andrews selected Professor Tom Rice from the art department. She claims that Professor Rice is the best professor and he has been very helpful as she pursues her interest and passion for art.

All Kalamazoo College senior athletes have the opportunity to recognize their Most Valuable Professors throughout the 2019-2020 season.