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Georgie Andrews Reflects on Kalamazoo College Experience

Georgie Andrews playing basketball.
Photo by Kimberly Moss

Georgie Andrews made the most of her opportunities to compete in intercollegiate athletics while earning degrees in business and studio art at Kalamazoo College. Not only did she play soccer and basketball all four years, Georgie joined the lacrosse team in the spring of her junior and senior years, allowing the Ann Arbor native to earn 10 varsity letters during her four years at K.

Georgie was a defender on the soccer and lacrosse teams. She earned MIAA Defensive Player of the Week honors in soccer during the week of the MIAA Tournament in 2019. In basketball, Georgie led the team in rebounds and assists her junior year. As a senior, she led the team in rebounds, assists, steals, and 3-point percentage while averaging 7.0 points and 7.5 rebounds per game. Georgie recorded four career double-doubles, including a career-high 24 points with 10 rebounds at Olivet on Feb. 6, 2019.

Not only did Georgie compete in three sports, but she also earned MIAA Academic Honor Roll honors all four years by maintaining a 3.5 or higher GPA every year.

In addition, Georgie studied abroad in Bonn, Germany during the spring of her sophomore year. 

Now, she's planning on going to Austria to teach English through a fellowship from the Fullbright U.S. Student Program.

Georgie recognized the growth that occurs, particularly through athletics.

"Kalamazoo College provides an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself," Georgie said. "The way you react to a lot of things that go on in sports will show you who you are. You can learn from your mistakes and be a better you.

"I gained discipline and time management skills as a student-athlete, and learned to manage relationships with multiple different teams, coaches, and groups of people."

Professors Tom Rice (Art) and Tim Moffit (Business) were two of Georgie's favorite professors at K.

"They both taught me to look at the details even though they teach very different subjects," she said. "They both added to my K experience and helped me love art and business."