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Kalamazoo College Men's Cross Country Award Winners

1999  Kory Kramer (15th)
1996  Kory Kramer (28th)

2017  Jackson Kelley (31st)
2003  Will Dobbie (28th)
1999  Kory Kramer (2nd)
1999  Ian Schmidt (9th)
1998  Kory Kramer (11th)
1997  Jeremy Meyersieck (11th)
1997  Kory Kramer (12th)
1997  Ian Schmidt (15th)
1996  Kory Kramer (3rd)
1996  Jeremy Meyersieck (11th)
1994  David Barkley (13th)
1994  Jeremy Meyersieck (31st)
1994  Brent Luchies (35th)
1992  David Barkely (Not listed)
1988  Chris Rito (11th)
1978  Joel Menges (11th)

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It is unclear when All-Region honors were first awarded. Currently, the top 35 runners at each regional site earn All-Region honors.