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Men's Tennis National Award Winners

CoSIDA Academic All-Americans
1991   Nathan Eddy (2nd)
1992   Nathan Eddy (1st)
1992   Lewis Miller (1st)
1993   Lewis Miller (1st)
1996   Pat Noud (3rd)
2002   Kyle Harding (2nd)
2011   Alex Dombos (2nd)
2012   Alex Dombos (1st)

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Recipients
1978   Chris Bussert
1982   Chris Burns
1993   Lewis Miller

ITA Scholar-Athletes
1997-98   Mike Ivy

Arthur Ashe Sportsmanship Award
1982   Chris Burns
1986   Timon Corwin
1992   John Ray-Keil
1997   Pat Noud

ITA Senior Player of the Year
1993   Lewis Miller

National Coach of the Year
1982   George Acker
1991   George Acker
1997   Timon Corwin

National Coach of the Decade
1980s   George Acker

Regional Coach of the Year
1982   George Acker
1991   George Acker
1997   Timon Corwin
1999   Timon Corwin
2017   Mark Riley

Regional Assistant Coach of the Year
2017   Mark Denenfeld

ITA National Player to Watch
1996   Adam Norlander
1998   Dan Harding

ITA Regional Player to Watch 
1996   Adam Norlander
1998   Dan Harding
2016   Branden Metzler 

ITA Regional Rookie of the Year
1994   Pat Noud
2004   Alec Kempster
2019   Ian Yi

ITA Regional Senior Player of the Year
1991   Jeff Fishback
1993   Lewis Miller
2002   Kyle Harding 
2006   Julian Seelan
2017   Branden Metzler

ITA Regional Most Improved Senior
2018  Elan Dantus

ITA Regional Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership and Sportsmanship
1982   Chris Burns
1986   Timon Corwin
1991   Doug Keen
1992   John Ray-Keil
1994   Seth Denawetz
1995   Ted Gaty
1997   Pat Noud

NCAA III All-Americans
2019   Ian Yi (singles)
2017   Branden Metzler (singles)
2016   Branden Metzler (singles)
2010   Cyrus Jadun (doubles)
           Patrick Boyd (doubles)
2006   Tim Hubbard (doubles)
           Julian Seelan (singles/doubles)
2005   Michael Malvitz (singles/doubles)
           Julian Seelan (doubles)
2004   Michael Malvitz (doubles)
           Julian Seelan (doubles)
2002   Kyle Harding (singles/doubles)
           Jeff Keen (doubles)
2001   Kyle Harding (singles/doubles)
           Jeff Keen (doubles)
2000   Dan Harding (singles/doubles)
           Kyle Harding (singles/doubles)
           Ryan Cummings (doubles)
           Ryan Shockley (doubles)
1999   Dan Harding (singles/doubles)
           Kyle Harding (singles/doubles)
           Ryan Cummings (doubles)
           Ryan Shockley (doubles)
1998   Dan Harding (singles/doubles)
           Steve Nasson (singles)
           Mike Ivy (doubles)
1997   Chris Kennelly (doubles)
           Adam Norlander (singles)
           Pat Noud (singles/doubles)
1996   Chris Kennelly (doubles)
           Adam Norlander (singles)
           Pat Noud (singles/doubles)
1995   Adam Afridi (doubles)
           Ryan Kaltenbach (doubles)
           Chris Kennelly (doubles)
           Pat Noud (singles/doubles)
1994   Seth Denawetz (singles/doubles)
           Pat Noud (singles/doubles)
1993   Adam Afridi (doubles)
           Seth Denawetz (singles/doubles)
           Ryan Kaltenbach (doubles)
           Lewis Miller (singles/doubles)
1992   Lewis Miller (singles/doubles)
           John Ray-Keil (singles/doubles)
1991   Jeff Fieldhack (singles/doubles)
           Doug Keen (singles/doubles)
           Lewis Miller (singles)
           John Ray-Keil (singles)
1990   Jeff Fieldhack (doubles)
           Doug Keen (singles/doubles)
           Lewis Miller (singles)
1989   Doug Keen (singles)
           Dave Borski (singles/doubles)
           Jeff Fieldhack (doubles)
1988   Dave Borski (doubles)
           Jack Hosner (singles/doubles)
1987   Alex Palladino (singles/doubles)
           Jim Burda (doubles)
1986   Jim Burda (doubles)
           Timon Corwin (singles/doubles)
           Alex Palladino (singles/doubles)
           Robert Gebhardt (singles)
           Jack Hosner (doubles)
1985   Timon Corwin (singles/doubles)
           Alex Palladino (singles/doubles)
1984   Timon Corwin (singles/doubles)
           Alex Palladino (singles/doubles)
1983   Timon Corwin (singles/doubles)
           Ven Johnson (singles/doubles)
1982   Adam Bottorff (doubles)
           Chris Burns (singles/doubles)
           Ven Johnson (singles/doubles)
           Mark Riley (singles/doubles)
           Paul Showers (singles)
1981   Bill Vanderhoef (singles)
1980   Chris Burns (singles)
           Brian Monfils (singles)
1979   Hubbard Capes (singles)
1978   Mike Herndobler (singles)
           Dan Thomson (singles)
           Jim Hosner (doubles)
           Chris Bussert (singles/doubles)
1977   Harlan Smith (singles)
           Chris Bussert (singles)
1976   Chris Bussert (singles/doubles)
           Rick Moore (doubles)
           Alex Dalrymple (singles/doubles)
           Mike Thomson (doubles)

1981-present, not including 1983, compiled from the ITA web site:
Other years were compiled from various sources.

NCAA National Champions
1978   Chris Bussert
1978   Chris Bussert and Jim Hosner
1980   Chris Burns
1986   Timon Corwin
1986   Jim Burda and Alex Palladino
1987   Jim Burda and Alex Palladino
1991   Lewis Miller
1992   Lewis Miller
1994   Seth Denawetz

NCAA Team Top 3 National Finishes
1976   National Champion
1978   National Champion
1980   3rd Place
1981   3rd Place
1982   2nd Place
1983   3rd Place
1985   2nd Place
1986   National Champion
1987   National Champion
1989   3rd Place
1990   3rd Place
1991   National Champion
1992   National Champion
1993   National Champion
1994   3rd Place
1995   3rd Place
1996   3rd Place
1997   2nd Place
1998   3rd Place
1999   2nd Place