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Men's Tennis Seniors Honor Most Valuable Professors

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The two seniors on the Kalamazoo College men's tennis team have selected their Most Valuable Professors to recognize this season.

The Hornets selected Dr. Alyce Brady and Dr. Hannah Apps. This is Dr. Brady's fourth selection and Dr. Apps' third selection.

Daniel Henry selected Dr. Alyce Brady from the computer science department because she has been an excellent advisor and professor. He appreciates her guidance in helping him select appropriate classes while considering future opportunities. He is grateful for her help in learning the broad discipline of computer science.

Zack Ray selected Dr. Hannah Apps from the economics department because she has been extremely supportive in his learning of economics. Dr. Apps encouraged Zack to think critically about a range of topics and form a more coherent worldview. He is grateful for the extra time she takes to discuss topics that help him understand the subject matter on a deeper level.

All Kalamazoo College senior athletes have the opportunity to recognize their Most Valuable Professors throughout the 2019-2020 season.