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Grant Stille Reflects on Kalamazoo College Experience

Grant Stille preparing to swim.
Photo by Kimberly Moss

After four years in the pool and on the Kalamazoo College quad, Grant Stille plans on attending medical school next fall.

A native of Spring Lake, Michigan, Grant earned a degree in chemistry this past June. His SIP (Senior Individualized Project), titled "Design, Characterization, and Isolation of Palladium Complexes for C-H Carboxylation," had a goal of developing catalysts that utilized C-H carboxylation to allow for the fixation of carbon dioxide.

"The motivation behind my SIP research was to find more efficient and eco-friendly methods for the fixation of carbon dioxide," Grant said.

As a swimmer, Grant finished second in the 50 freestyle at the 2020 MIAA Championships and was a member of four third-place relay teams in the last two years. He was named to the MIAA Academic Honor Roll all four years.

Grant expects the lessons learned as a student-athlete will carry over to medical school.

"As a student-athlete, I realized the importance of discipline and motivation," Grant said. "I can and will apply that in the future, especially throughout medical school."

The team atmosphere and the guidance of Coach Daniels stand out most in Grant's mind as he reflected on his time at K.

"Practicing alongside my close teammates and building lifelong relationships was the most valuable experience I had at K," Grant said. 

Regarding the guidance of Coach Daniels, Grant said, "Coach Daniels brought me to a level of swimming I could never have imagined reaching. He pushed me in and out of the pool and gave me advice when I needed it. Jay was a great coach, friend, and mentor, and he helped me become a better swimmer and, more importantly, a better person."