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Men's Lacrosse Seniors Honor Most Valuable Professors

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The three seniors on the Kalamazoo College men's lacrosse team have selected their Most Valuable Professors to recognize this season.

The Hornets selected Dr. Kyle Morrison from the biology department and Dr. Alyce Brady from the computer science department. Dr. Brady was nominated by three student-athletes this spring.

Seniors Doug Shipp and Nate Silverman both selected Dr. Brady. Doug is thankful that Dr. Brady has helped him find his way countless times over the last four years. She is always willing to answer questions about class or his career path. He appreciates her efforts both in and outside the classroom. Nate selected Dr. Brady for always going above and beyond for him and many other students. She has served as Nate's advisor, life coach, and SIP advisor throughout the last four years. Nate appreciates her endless support.

Dr. Kyle Morrison was selected by senior Harrison Ramsey. Harrison appreciates Dr. Morrison's dedication and commitment to each student. He wants every student to achieve greatness and is willing to put in whatever it takes to get them there. Harrison is grateful for Dr. Morrison's willingness to take the time to host learning sessions and provide additional assistance. He is proud to know him.

All Kalamazoo College senior athletes have the opportunity to recognize their Most Valuable Professors throughout the 2019-2020 season.