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Cam Crothers Reflects on Kalamazoo College Experience

Cam Crothers playing football.
Photo by Kimberly Moss

Cam Crothers, a 2020 graduate of Kalamazoo College and a quarterback on the football team, is now working as a sales associate at J.H. Bennett in Novi, Michigan, a certified distributor of industrial products like pneumatic, filtration, electrical, hydraulic, lubrication, and welding products.

A business major with a minor in psychology, Cam interned at The Monnier Companies, working with a K alumnus redesigning catalogs and updating sales rosters. These new catalogs will be produced in the next year and sent to over 5,000 companies.

Cam's SIP (Senior Individualized Project) focused on the competition between Nike and Reebok in the production of CrossFit shoes. His research and analysis found that Nike would soon take the lead in production in this segment because of the economies of scale it has over Reebok.

Cam credits the Kalamazoo College experience in preparing him for life after graduation.

"Kalamazoo College has been helpful in preparing me for the next steps because of how unique the school is," he said. "The differences prepare you for the real world as you learn how to adapt and learn as you go.

"Learning to manage my time was also a critical component of my K experience," he said. "My schedule was full in-season and off-season. I learned quickly that if you mismanage your time you can begin to feel overwhelmed with everything going on."

Even with the rigors of the academic environment at K, Cam is grateful for his time with the football program.

"Scoring my first collegiate touchdown was one of the most important experiences for me," he said. "It was a moment where I felt that I was good enough to compete and really consider myself a college student-athlete.

"Teamwork and bonding were also evident in my athletic experience at K. These are the people you spend many hours with and go through the same struggles with, and they become your lifelong friends."

Two professors really stand out to Cam as he reflected on his time at K.

"Amy MacMillan and Chuck Stull were both professors from whom I learned important information I already use in my day-to-day life," he said. "Working on many projects with Amy and my SIP with Chuck, I've been fortunate to build a strong relationship with each of them."