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Football Seniors Honor Most Valuable Professors

The football seniors with their Most Valuable Professors.

Eight seniors on the Kalamazoo College football team had the opportunity to recognize their Most Valuable Professors prior to their game on Saturday afternoon at Angell Field. 

The Hornets selected Dr. Anne Haeckl (Classics), Professor Amy McMillan (Business), Dr. Joseph Bangura (History and African Studies), Dr. Robert Batsell (Psychology), Dr. Justin Berry (Political Science), Professor Blakely Tresca (Chemistry), and Professor Chuck Stull (Economics).

Sam Matthews selected Dr. Anne Haeckl because he appreciates her help in becoming more engaged in his studies. Dr. Haeckl taught Sam valuable skills for research, public speaking, and writing during his time at K. 

Brendan Gausselin picked Professor Amy MacMillan as his Most Valuable Professor. Brendan is grateful for Professor MacMillan's support in helping him narrow his focus for his Senior Individualized Project. She has been influential in his career plans and also supports his athletic career. 

Dr. Joseph Bangura was chosen by Jared Pittman as his MVP. Jared has purposefully taken a class with Dr. Bangura every term since his freshman year. Dr. Bangura is the reason Jared chose to major in History and he appreciates the friendship the two have formed and for being a person of comfort throughout his academic career. 

Jake Sypniewski picked Dr. Robert Batsell as his Most Valuable Professor. Jake claims that Dr. Batsell's teaching strongly influenced his choice for a career path in neurology. He appreciates Dr. Batsell's charismatic attitude both inside and outside the classroom. 

Dr. Justin Berry was selected by both Greg Kearns and Tom Beaubien as their MVP. Greg selected Dr. Berry because of the unexpected enjoyment he gets from every class. He appreciates that his classes are both thought-provoking and challenging. Tom appreciates Dr. Berry's teachings on how to be a positive political skeptic. Dr. Berry is the reason that Tom wants to pursue a career in law and he inspires Tom to change the country for the better. 

Hunter Angileri chose Professor Blakely Tresca as his Most Valuable Professor. Professor Trasca has played an integral role in mentorship and professional development for Hunter. He appreciates all of Professor Tresca's guidance while pursuing academic and professional goals. 

Professor Chuck Stull was selected by Anthony Giovanni because he appreciates Professor Stull for being an encouraging professor who cares deeply about his students. He is grateful for his classes as they always provide rewarding learning experiences. 

All Kalamazoo College senior student-athletes will recognize their Most Valuable Professors throughout the 2019-20 season.