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Baseball Seniors Honor Most Valuable Professors

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The seniors on the 2020 Kalamazoo Colleg baseball team have selected their Most Valuable Professors to recognize this season.

The Hornets selected Dr. Juan Cardona, Professor Chuck Stull, and Dr. Joseph Bangura.

Senior John Kunec selected Dr. Juan Cardona from the business department to recognize as his MVP. John appreciates that Dr. Cardona cares about the work and overall experience of each student in the classroom. He creates a collaborative classroom environment, rather than just lecturing. John is grateful for the skills learned in Dr. Cardona's classroom as he will use them throughout his career.

Professor Chuck Stull from the economics department was selected by seniors Zach Prystash and Jack Tagget. Zach selected Professor Stull because he genuinely cares about his students and the work they do. He can always count on Professor Stull to have an open door and to offer helpful advice. He also appreciates his support of athletics. Jack is grateful for Professor Stull because he has been instrumental to Jack's development academically, intellectually, and professionally. Jack enjoys interacting with Professor Stull both inside and outside the classroom. He is a trusted and reliable source for Jack.

Senior Nick Kelley selected Dr. Joseph Bangura from the history department as his MVP. He appreciates the enthusiasm Dr. Bangura displays in the classroom and the way he creates an environment in which everyone can freely speak their mind. Nick is grateful for the ongoing friendship that Dr. Bangura has provided him. He hopes to continue that friendship long after he leaves K.

All Kalamazoo College senior athletes have the opportunity to recognize their Most Valuable Professors throughout the 2019-2020 season.