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Athletic Training/Participation Forms

Dear Student-Athlete and Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

On behalf of the Kalamazoo College Athletic Training Department we would like to welcome you to Kalamazoo College. The Sports Medicine Team is made up of team physicians, certified athletic trainers, and other allied health care providers. The Athletic Training Department at Kalamazoo College exists to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in the safest and healthiest manner possible.

In order for you, the student-athlete, to compete in intercollegiate athletics at Kalamazoo College all of the necessary paperwork must be completed online through the Student Heath Center’s MyChart Sign up ( Please click on the link provided and follow the directions on the downloadable PDF: MyChart Sign up. The following is a brief description of what will need to be done in order to be cleared for athletic participation:

  1. MyChart Sign up ( Complete MyChart.

You will receive further information to sign up for your MyChart account beginning in May.  Information on your Medical Questionnaire is confidential and may only be used as an aid in providing necessary healthcare and accessing medical risk. Kalamazoo College Student Health Center is affiliated with Bronson Hospital for the use of Epic electronic medical record system.

  1. Once you have activated MyChart please select: “I plan to participate in athletics” on the startup page to complete all the necessary required clearance steps for athletic participation.
  2. Physical Examination: To be completed by your family physician on or after June 1st of the current year. Your Physical Examination form(s) must be uploaded to MyChart under the upload file under “Date of last Physical Exam.” You can find a copy of the Kalamazoo College Physical Exam form to be filled out by your Physician in the link below.
  3. FRONT and BACK Copy of your primary insurance card: Must be uploaded or typed in to your MyChart account.
  4. Sickle Cell Trait Form: The NCAA now requires that all Division III athletes complete a sickle cell trait status confirmation form. Please review the enclosed information sheet and have your physician complete the status form during your physical examination which is provided in the links below. The Sickle Cell Trait form will need to be submitted to the Sports Medicine Staff via mail, email or fax provided below.
  5. Review the Concussion Education provided in the links below.
  6. Submit required ADHD Exception Forms to your attending physician if applicable. ADHD Exception Forms must be submitted to the Sports Medicine Staff via mail, email or fax provided below.

It is essential that all information provided on the MyChart database is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. Should you have any issues or questions while completing your student athlete profile, please contact one of the athletic training staff members listed via email. All information must be completed by August 1st. Any delay in receiving the student athlete information may cause a delay in your participation upon your arrival to Kalamazoo College.

Kathleen White, MS, AT, ATC
Sports Medicine Department
1200 Academy Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49006
Fax: 269.337.7401

All forms are printable PDFs.

Pre-Participation Physical

Parent Insurance Form

Sickle Cell Trait Form

Sickle Cell Information Sheet (Kalamazoo College)

Sickle Cell Information Sheet (NCAA)

Sickle Cell Trait and the Student-Athlete Video (NCAA)

Sickle Cell Trait and the Student-Athlete Video: Part II (NCAA)

Concussion Education

ADHD Medical Exception (See Below)

ADD and ADHD Exception Form

NCAA Medical Exception Documentation Reporting Form to Support the Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Treatment with Banned Stimulant Medication

  • Complete and maintain (on file in the athletics department) this form and required documentation supporting the medical need for student-athlete to be treated for ADHD with stimulant medication
  • Submit this form and required documentation to Drug Free Sport in the event the student-athlete tests positive for the banned stimulant (see Drug Testing Exceptions Procedures at under Health and Safety.

DISCLAIMER: The National Collegiate Athletic Association shall not be liable or responsible, in any way, for diagnosis or other evaluation made, or exam performed, in connection herewith, or for any subsequent action taken, in whole or in part, in reliance upon accuracy or veracity of the information provided hereunder.