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Garrett Swanson '19 Reflects on Kalamazoo College Experience

Garrett Swanson '19 Reflects on Kalamazoo College Experience

Garrett Swanson '19 pitched for the Kalamazoo College baseball team and tied the school record with 59 appearances over four years after setting the single-season record with 22 appearances in 2018. Working primarily as a reliever, Swanson earned three wins over his career while striking out 31 batters in 57 innings.

After graduating in June, Garrett is now working in accounting at Blue Cross Blue Shield headquarters in Chicago. An internship following his junior year at K led to the job offer.

Garrett did multiple internships learning how to trade forex (foreign currency exchange). His Senior Individualized Project tested whether the combination of specific technical indicators could be used together in a model and be profitable in the Euro/Dollar forex market.

The combination of playing baseball and K's academic environment were important to Garrett's development.

"Being on the baseball team played a big role in my development into a professional," Swanson said. "It taught me about time management and work ethic. Classes in the business department, including the capstone course, let me experience creating business plans and professional presentations.

"In addition to the practical lessons learned, being a part of the baseball program helped me gain a family. All the guys that were here during my time became brothers for life."

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