Softball Seniors Honor Most Valuable Professors

Kalamazoo College softball seniors with their most valuable professors.
Photo by Kimberly Moss

Kalamazoo College Professors Dr. Gary Gregg and Sarah Lindley were recognized as Most Valuable Professors prior to Sunday's softball doubleheader.

Ashley Schiffer selected Dr. Gregg from the psychology department as her Most Valuable Professor. Ashley appreciates how Dr. Gregg allows his students to be creative in the classroom, and how he helped inspire the topic she will explore in graduate school. She is grateful that he cares more about her mind and the places it will go rather than just at Kalamazoo.

Hayleigh Alamo honored Sarah Lindley from the art department. Professor Lindley was one of Hayleigh's first professors and she helped her adjust to being in college and was a shoulder to lean on. Hayleigh is appreciative of Professor Lindley for constantly pushing her limits and offering tough criticism at times because it has made her better.

Kalamazoo College senior student-athletes will recognize their Most Valuable Professors throughout the 2018-19 season.