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Baseball Seniors Honor Most Valuable Professors

Kalamazoo College baseball players honoring professors.

Kalamazoo College Professors Dr. Eric Barth, Dr. Hannah Apps, Dr. Joseph Bangura, Dr. Chuck Stull, Mari Wielopolski, and Dr. Paul Sotherland were recognized as Most Valuable Professors prior to the baseball doubleheader Saturday at Woodworth Field.

Jacob Gilhaus and JD Seablom selected Dr. Barth from the math department as their MVP. JD cited the effort Dr. Barth puts forth for every class session, and his passion in the classroom and his willingness to be flexible with the grinding schedule of student-athletes. Jacob said Dr. Barth is one of the most influential professors he's had at K, and owes much of his drive and commitment to learning to Dr. Barth for demanding attentiveness and ownership from his students.

Garrett Swanson selected Dr. Apps from the business department. Garrett appreciates that Dr. Apps allowed him to learn outside of the normal curriculum which allowed him to think outside the box for his Senior Individualized Project. Garrett is grateful that Dr. Apps gave his education at K a deeper connection to what he wants to pursue as a career.

Drew Novetsky chose Dr. Bangura from the African studies department. Drew enjoys Dr. Bangura's passion and enthusiasm that creates a fun and enjoyable classroom setting. He appreciates Dr. Bangura's willingness to be flexible with his schedule as a student-athlete, and considers Dr. Bangura a master of his profession and a good friend.

Jordan Wiley honored Dr. Stull from the business department. Jordan appreciates the joy that Dr. Stull conveys for athletics and student-athletes. He describes Dr. Stull as one of the most genuine individuals on campus, and is grateful for his contagious spirit and warm-hearted interactions.

Alex Fultz selected Professor Wielopolski from the business department. Alex describes Ms. Wielopolski as a genuine and caring professor who took the time to be invested in his life and personal interests. He appreciates her going above and beyond for being flexible with the hectic schedule of a spring sport student-athlete.

Stefan Leclerc honored Dr. Sotherland from the biology department. Dr. Sotherland was Stefan's first interaction with a college professor in the required first-year seminar. Stefan appreciates that Dr. Sotherland stayed in contact with him after that class and took a genuine interest in his journey at K. He is grateful for the constant effort that Dr. Sotherland put forward.

Kalamazoo College senior student-athletes will recognize their Most Valuable Professors throughout the 2018-19 season.