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Kathryn Thamann
Kathryn Thamann
Year: Senior
Hometown: Vicksburg, Mich.
High School: Vicksburg
Major: Chemistry
Team: Cross Country
Internship: Kalsec
Study Abroad: Athens, Greece

What is your most memorable academic experience at K?
Definitely study abroad. I would go back in a heartbeat. I just loved being able to take some classes outside of my major (history, art, mythology, archaeology) and being able to see so much of Greece and Europe.

Why did you choose to attend Kalamazoo College?
I chose to attend K for their science/pre-med program and study abroad. The financial aid wasn't bad either.

What do you enjoy most about road trips during your season?
Late night bus parties and the celebratory free food after meets. There is lots of time for chit-chatting, laughing, story telling, and having fun.

What is your least favorite thing about road trips during your season?
Getting stuck in traffic and taking forever to get home.

What is your favorite class and why?
Analytical chemistry. I enjoyed taking the class and later TAing it. It's fun to look at all the different instruments and all the information that they can give you about a single substance. 

Who is your favorite professor and why?
Dr. Smith because he's quirky and funny and very smart. He's always willing to sit down and have a chat.

Other than the sport you play, what other sports activity are you good at?
I like playing some pick-up soccer and beach volleyball for fun. I'm also part of Cirque du K.

Is there another game in which you dominate? (card games, lawn games, pool, darts, etc.)
I like to think I'm pretty good at euchre, but that also depends on my partner

Outside of sports, what is your favorite hobby?
I like to read and sleep.

What is your favorite meal in the cafeteria?
Most definitely the omelets and thanksgiving.

What do you enjoy most about practice?
Running with friends and being able to somehow enjoy a 70 minute long run together.

What do you like least about practice?
The 70 minute long runs.

What are your plans/goals after graduation?
Hopefully go to grad school for chemistry, continue running, and make it back to Greece someday.