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Joseph Giacalone
Joseph Giacalone
Year: Senior
Hometown: White Lake, Mich.
High School: Orchard Lake St. Mary's
Major: Economics and Political Science
Team: Baseball
Internship: Michigan GOP
Study Abroad: Washington, DC

What is your favorite sports moment at K?
Winning the MIAA tournament in 2016 and becoming the first K baseball team to play in the NCAA tournament.

What is your most memorable academic experience at K?
Making the Dean's List while being in-season. 

Why did you choose to attend Kalamazoo College?
I chose to attend K because of the excellent academic reputation, the strong post-graduate preparation, and to become part of building a championship level program with the baseball team.

What do you enjoy most about road trips during your season?
Playing Mafia on the bus with my teammates.

What is your least favorite thing about road trips during your season?
Doing homework in an extremely small space on the bus.

Who is your all-time favorite athlete and why?
Babe Ruth for two reasons. First my great-great uncle went to school with him when they were teenagers and Babe looked out for my uncle while they were students. Secondly, he revolutionized baseball to truly make it America's national pastime.

What is your favorite class and why?
Dr. Berry's Voting, Campaigns, and Elections political science course. I took the class during the winter of 2016 so I had an in-depth analysis of what was happening in the presidential primaries and got to see how the conventional rules of American political campaigns got thrown out the window.

Who is your favorite professor and why?
Dr. Justin Berry. I've taken five political science classes with Dr. Berry and I've learned an extensive amount in regards to American politics. He is extremely encouraging of student athletes and I think he is a great example of professors working with student athletes to make their schedules work. I would also like to give shout outs to Dr. Menelik Geremew, my advisor, for being a great help to me academically and professionally and Dr. Hannah Apps for the extensive help she gave me in finding a SIP topic. 

Other than the sport you play, what other sports activity are you good at?
Ice hockey.

Is there another game in which you dominate? (card games, lawn games, pool, darts, etc.)
Trivia Crack and Uno.

Outside of sports, what is your favorite hobby?
Reading, fishing, and keeping up with current events.

What is your favorite meal in the cafeteria?

Who is your role model?
My parents for everything they have done for me throughout my life.

What do you enjoy most about practice?
Being able to compete in practice with my teammates on a daily basis is an incredibly rewarding experience.

What do you like least about practice?
The words "on the line.."

What are your plans/goals after graduation?
I plan to go on to law school and/or graduate school and find ways to give back to my community. I will also remain a supporter of K baseball and K athletics.