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Maria Franco
Maria Franco
Year: Senior
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
High School: Liceo International
Major: Economics
Team: Tennis
Minor: Math
Internship: RIMISP Ecuador
Study Abroad: Strasbourg, France

What is your favorite sports moment at K?
Winning a very competitive match against a good player on our spring break trip to California with a messed up hand.

What is your most memorable academic experience at K?
The groups projects in my Economic Development class.

Why did you choose to attend Kalamazoo College?
I chose to attend K because of its academic prestige and its great tennis program.

What do you enjoy most about road trips during your season?
The music in the van.

What is your least favorite thing about road trips during your season?
The early mornings.

Who is your all-time favorite athlete and why?
Roger Federer because his game is combination of elegance and technique.

What is your favorite class and why?
Economic Growth and Development because we had the chance to play the role of members of the World Bank.

Who is your favorite professor and why?
Dr. Hussen because he is very supportive and helpful inside and outside of the classroom. He has even come to cheer for me at matches.

Other than the sport you play, what other sports activity are you good at?

Is there another game in which you dominate? (card games, lawn games, pool, darts, etc.)
Card games for sure. I am Ecuadorian after all!

Outside of sports, what is your favorite hobby?
Taking pictures of landscapes.

What is your favorite meal in the cafeteria?
The lemon salamon.

Who is your role model?
My grandfather.

What do you enjoy most about practice?
Acting silly with the team.

What do you like least about practice?
Having those days when I can't get the ball inside the court.

What are your plans/goals after graduation?
Hopefully finding a job in economic research.