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Sam Kepes
Sam Kepes
Year: Senior
Hometown: West Bloomfield, Mich.
High School: Wylie E. Groves
Major: Psychology
Team: Soccer
Internship: Opthy-DS, Kalamazoo
Study Abroad: San Jose, Costa Rica

What is your favorite sports moment at K?
The first game I played in.

Why did you choose to attend Kalamazoo College?
Academic excellence and the chance to play college sports.

What do you enjoy most about road trips during your season?
The chance to be with all the guys outside of the school environment.

What is your least favorite thing about road trips during your season?
Whent the bus breaks down.

Who is your all-time favorite athlete and why?
Steve Yzerman. He's the ultimate athlete: one of the best ever in his sport and a great man.

What is your favorite class and why?
Art History. It was something I had never learned about and turned out to be very interesting.

Other than the sport you play, what other sports activity are you good at?
Underwater basket weaving.

What do you enjoy most about practice?
Competing against my good friends.

What do you like least about practice?
Having to go home and do school work after.

What is the topic of your SIP?
Product development for Opthy-DS. 

What are your plans/goals after graduation?
Work and then more school.