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Joseph Jolly
Joseph Jolly
Year: Senior
Hometown: Koenigstein, Germany
High School: Internationale Schule Frankfurt
Major: Chemistry
Team: Swimming and Diving
Minor: Psychology
Internship: Wayne State

What is your favorite sports moment at K?
Finishing my 200 backstroke at MIAAs sophomore year.

What is your most memorable academic experience at K?
The labs done in Organic Chemistry.

Why did you choose to attend Kalamazoo College?
I liked the size and the swim team.

What do you enjoy most about road trips during your season?
The fun atmosphere created by the team.

What is your least favorite thing about road trips during your season?
Losing an entire Saturday.

Who is your favorite professor and why?
Dr. Bartz. He is fun and great at teaching.

Other than the sport you play, what other sports activity are you good at?
I play volleyball with the team.

Outside of sports, what is your favorite hobby?
Building things with my hands.

What is your favorite meal in the cafeteria?
Taco Tuesday.

Who is your role model?
My dad.

What do you enjoy most about practice?
The support provided by the team.

What do you like least about practice?
The swimming part.

What is the topic of your SIP?
The virtual brain and epilepsy. 

What are your plans/goals after graduation?
I plan to take a gap year to work in the medical field, then apply to medical school.